3 Can’t-Miss Foods in Europe

Berlin, Germany: Döner Kebab

Germany is home to several traditional foods like Curry Wurst. Not to mention their out-of-this-world amazing beer! But, if you’re visiting Berlin, there is a specific food you just can’t miss and that’s the Döner Kebab! Plot twist… it’s actually a Turkish specialty, BUT it was created in Berlin after a huge wave of Turkish citizens immigrated to Germany’s capital.
Watch as they meticulously carve meat off a giant spit and fill a warmed pita with cabbage, lettuce, onions, meat, and their incredible sauces (I highly recommend getting the scharf sauce which means spicy in German).
The most well-known place in Berlin to get a Döner is Mustafa’s! My personal favorites are Güler’s which is just off the Kurt-Schumacher Platz stop on the U6, and Tas which you can find off the Lankwitz Kirche stop on the X83 bus. Güler’s offers a very traditional and delicious take on the Döner while Tas changes is up a bit with ingredients like roasted veggies and potatoes topped with feta cheese and chili powder. Not to mention their huge variety of sauce options. You can’t go wrong with this inexpensive meal found on every corner in Berlin!

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Photo by Berlin Food Stories

Athens, Greece: Feta Me Meli

Greek food has always been a favorite of mine, I could eat it for every meal for the rest of my life! My recent trip to Athens took my love for Greek food to a whole new level! Don’t skip through Greece’s capital without trying the Athenian special called Feta Me Meli! This is essentially a block of feta cheese which is wrapped in filo dough, drizzled with honey, and topped off with sesame seeds. Either fried or baked, you can’t go wrong with this dish!
A lot of places in Athen’s offer Feta Me Meli on their appetizer list, but I strongly recommend God’s Restaurant under the Acropolis, just past the Acropolis Museum! Not only is their Feta Me Meli amazing, but so is the rest of their food and the service is incredible!

Photo by Bucket List Jounrey

Paris, France: Macarons

Paris is the pastry heaven of the world, but they especially excel when it comes to Macarons. These colorful pastries come in an endless number of flavors and can be found all over the world, but you can’t call yourself a macaron lover until you’ve tasted one from Paris! I wanted to make sure my first macaron was the best, so I consulted the World of Wanderlust travel blog by Brooke Saward to find her favorites! Her top choices did not disappoint! Check out her blog post here for more information on where to find the best macarons in Paris!

Photo by World of Wanderlust

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