3 Travel Ideas for a Stress-Reducing Getaway

The Relaxer

Sometimes your mind just needs a vacation from the stresses of the real world. Whether you have a day, a weekend or the entire week, there are places to go to have a day of relaxation.

If you have to stay close by, try to find a day spa like this one in upstate new york. Make an appointment for a facial, massage or just spend the day in the hot tub! Either way, you’re sure to feel zen. If you are able to travel for a longer period of time, waterfront destinations are sure to relax anyone. Travel to a lakeside town or a town by the shore to get that fresh air your body needs. There you can try different activities, shop in the local boutiques or just sit and enjoy the view!

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 8.58.03 PM.png


The Adventurer

If thrilling adventures are more your speed, try a getaway that will get your endorphins going. Try to plan a day to visit your nearest state park and go on a hike. This will not only clear your mind but give you a killer workout too! You can also find an indoor rock climbing facility that will give you the same experience, just not as Instagram worthy.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.06.02 PM.png


The Shopaholic

Sometimes shopping is the best therapy. The closest mall can be a great way to release some stress. Some malls, like Destiny USA, are so big you can literally spend an entire day there. If your able to travel further, going to a big city like New York City will allow for major shopping among other activities.


Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.06.55 PM.png

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