How to Choose Where to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is the most rewarding experience a college student can get. Having the opportunity to travel the world while still earning a college education is truly special. But the challenge of deciding where to study can be difficult. Here are TK things to think about when deciding where to go abroad


  1. The classes
writing notes idea class
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Some programs offer specialty classes like architecture and design. Research each program and make sure you will get the credits you need.


  1. The climate
beautiful blowing cold cute
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Going somewhere where it’s 80 degrees every day may not be for everyone. Make sure you check out the weather conditions where you will be staying and pack appropriately  


  1. The location
gray plane wing
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If you want to be able to travel to various cities, Europe is the best place to go. Flights within the EU are pretty cheap which makes it easy to visit various destinations in a short period of time!


4. The language

two women having conversation on stairs
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One may think a language barrier wouldn’t have an influence on their experience, but knowing the language of the country you are studying in is super beneficial.

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